How does you garden grow?

City Gardens provides a variety of Maintenance options to suite the needs of each location and client. City Gardens is dedicated to using Green Methods since 1999 from soil amendments, fertilizing and insect/disease control.

Seasonal Maintenance
Spring and Fall clean ups include but are not limited to weeding, trimming, shaping, deadheading, raking and removal of garden debris, monitor for insects and disease as well as soil and mulch.

Monthly and Bi Weekly
Monthly plans include but are not limited to weeding,
 deadheading, trimming, shaping, raking and removal of garden 
debris, monitor for insects and disease as well as soil and mulch.

Weekly ( once a week to three times a week)
Maintain water levels, fertilize, deadhead, weed, trim, shape, removal of garden debris, monitor plants for disease and 
insect control as well as soil and mulch.

City Gardens will pay attention to the details to preserve and prolong healthy gardens and properties for your enjoyment all season long. 

Interior Maintenance

Did you forget to water your plants again?
Don't worry we can help you!

Maintenance plans that fit your needs and your budget. Plus City Gardens Maintenance Plans include a 100% replacement guarantee!

Holiday Lighting and  Decorating

Elegant, Fun, Colorful, Cheerful, Festive.

City Gardens works with each client to make your holiday experience as hassle free as possible by providing these services:

Interior Holiday Decorating and Lighting
Pre-lit LED Trees
Pre-lit LED Garland
Unique Ornaments and Decorations
Poinsettias and other Blooming Holiday Tropical Plants

Outdoor Holiday Lighting and Decorating
Fresh Greens or Permanent
Commercial Grade LED Lights
Commercial Grade Outdoor Decorations

City Gardens offers complete Installation, Maintenance, Removal, and Storage. The holidays are stressful enough, let us take the hassle

Gardens and Planters 

Our Gardens are a Celebration of Nature and Color

At City Gardens we offer
Perennial Gardens
- Annual Garden Beds
- Or a combination of Annual and Perennial
- Unique and Unusual Varieties
- Color all Season!

  The possibilities are endless!!!

Seasonal Color Rotations

The Best Way to add some Serious Curb Appeal!

At City Gardens we love to celebrate the changing seasons. We design and install annual displays for all four seasons!